Problems with the qmake parser

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Aug 3 23:17:28 UTC 2006


I think we better discuss this here (or at least start it here). I tried
to implement the variables setting and came across the following:

I should we handle things like this:

QT += foo bar
QT -= bar
QT += baz
QT = foobar

I can't just remove all QT leafs and put the QT = foobar at the top as
that will break the function. The "easiest" way here would be to just
leave the AST alone, however then I have a problem when adding new
values to the QT variable...

Or should I just assume that I can safely set CONFIG and QT at the
beginning of the AST?

The same problem with other variables, like HEADERS I think.

Maybe I'm just overlooking something or making this to complex myself,
but it seems a simple AST is not enough to really handle qmake project
files... Or let's say the simple UI we have can by far not cover all use
cases and it's hard to not screw up complex qmake files while still
making sure the ui settings have an effect.


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