Hamish Rodda rodda at
Thu Apr 27 16:18:37 UTC 2006

On Friday 28 April 2006 00:00, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> On Thursday 27 April 2006 17:48, you wrote:
> > BTW, the show more frames improvement really rocks... that will be great
> > for recursive call crashes (which was unusable previously).
> Yes, we have a bug report exactly about that:
> Now, the feature is implemented in very nasty way, because I've hit 1001-st
> misfeature in gdb:
> The problem is that we still issue one command ('-stack-info-depth 10000')
> that will take quite some time to execute if your program is stuck in
> infinite recursion. As soon as I get reply on gdb mailing list, I'll
> consider how to improve that.

However long it takes it's my guess that it's much quicker than before (ie. i 
used to abort the debugger whenever that happened).

> I've seed that Qt4 data models have 'hasMoreData' method that's supposed to
> help with such incremental fetching, but last time I've tried that did not
> work at all. Guess for KDevelop4 I'll try to use that feature to make
> incremental frame display even more smooth.

Hmmm, I thought this was designed to be called only once per QModelIndex, and 
related to fetching all children of the index with one fetchMore command.  So 
I don't think you'll get much mileage out of this (afaik).

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