kdevelop 3.4 code completion

David Nolden david.nolden.kdevelop at art-master.de
Tue Apr 25 04:28:10 UTC 2006

Hi Guys..

After I proposed something similar for summer of code, I spent the last days 
trying to make the code-completion template-compatible.

I don't want to dig into svn for kdevelop-4 because I don't have that much 
time to work on such things, I've got other projects, so I prefer improving 
an already useful kdevelop(3.4), with which I also can work on my other 
projects, directly seeing and feeling the advantages, and removing bugs on 
the fly. :)

The code-completion working with templates was one of my wishes, especially 
working smart-pointers, and it was faster to integrate than I thought, so 
it's basically ready. It isn't perfect yet, but works fine for the most 
common cases, for example in the KDevelop source

ClassDom klass;
klass-> // [CTRL + Space]  shows all members of ClassModelItem

But before sending the next patch I'd like to have the last one in.. and 
correct it if something is wrong with it.

But I haven't heard anything of Matt since I sent that patch last week..

Since I find myself really hacking a lot on KDevelop in last time, what's the 
criteria to get svn access?


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