gdb-mi bug

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Apr 24 13:36:30 UTC 2006

On Sunday 23 April 2006 15:12, you wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,

Hi Hamish,

[I CC the list since some things are of general interest]

> I just started using the -mi branch, and found that when a program has two
> threads, the frame stack widget displays the first thread's stack twice
> rather than each thread's stack.  I haven't tested with more than 2
> threads.

I have no idea how this bug slipped in -- I explicitly tested threaded 
programs. Anyway, fixed now in revision 533294. Thanks for reporting!

> BTW, the frame stack widget seems nicer now... and I have a few ideas about
> how to improve it further in kdevelop4 :)

There are in fact two interesting issues.

1. Placement. In Visual Studio, when program stops you see variable tree and 
stack widget at the bottom of the screen. We probably should do something 
like that, or at least auto-show stack widget. Another idea is to add stack 
display to the variables widget, so that on the left you'll see combine 
variables/frame window.

2. Over on gdb mailing list, I was wondering why listing stack arguments takes 
so much time and Jim Ingham from Apple mentioned that in XCode, the stack 
widget does not show arguments. This make some sense. For one thing, stack 
widget is not suitable for variable display, and if you have structures as 
parameters, they just don't fit in available horizontal space. If we don't 
show arguments then placing frame widget alongside with variablewidget 
becomes more feasible.

And yes, gdb takes a lot of time to fetch the arguments, and this, in theory, 
should be done on each step.

- Volodya

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