Alexander Dymo dymo at mk.ukrtelecom.ua
Wed Apr 19 21:55:05 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 19 April 2006 19:21, David Nolden wrote:
> Ok, now I've done it the extension-way. The problem is that the extension
> is not found. I've changed libkdevclassview.desktop so it includes
> ServiceTypes=KDevelop/Plugin,KDevelop/CodeBrowserFrontend
You should include only KDevelop/CodeBrowserFrontend. Just make
KDevelop/CodeBrowserFrontend inherit KDevelop/Plugin. Extensions
are always plugins.

> but when querying the extension KDevelop/CodeBrowserFrontend it is not
> found. Is there anything else to care about?
Did you write the .desktop file for KDevelop/CodeBrowserFrontend
service type?

You might need the file "kdevelopcodebrowserfrontend.desktop"
with contents:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Code Browser Frontend


> Another simpler but maybe a bit less clean solution would be similar to the
> way I did it before.. I just queried all plugins that are loaded by
> kdevelop, and dynamic-casted them until I found the right one.
Extension mechanism does this with less effort. It queries the trader and
then figures which plugin to return.

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