David Nolden david.nolden.kdevelop at art-master.de
Tue Apr 18 01:29:12 UTC 2006

You quick-search for a Class, and the whole class is showed and opened in the 
class-view-tree. I need a more elegant way for those two modules to 
communicate. :)


Am Montag, 17. April 2006 22:32 schrieb Jens Dagerbo:
> On Monday 17 April 2006 19:51, David Nolden wrote:
> > I have a little problem.. I need the quickopen-part to communicate with
> > the classview-part. Currently I do this by just getting the plugin and
> > letting them communicate directly, but that makes it "unportable" as the
> > linker says, and it doesn't seem to be a good solution. So maybe the best
> > way would be some signal in the core that classview can attach to, and
> > that quickopen can trigger, but I don't know into which class to place
> > them(Maybe
> > language-support?)
> That question was a bit vague.. :)  What is it that you want to achieve?
> // jens
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