remote debugging with kdevelop

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Apr 17 11:23:22 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 April 2006 19:25, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> > I'll take a look. Most probably KDevelop does not know when when you
> > attach to remote program, it's already running.
> In my case the remote program wasn't already running. But I have to use
> "continue" instead of "run" to start it.
> This is probably different compared to remote debugging another linux box.

Hmm, I suppose gdb always wants "continue" with remote targets.

> > But: do you mean that "print *this" should be be issued at all?
> If I open the class in the variable view then it certainly has to be
> issued.

Ok, but you won't want to full value of that class, only of the fields you 
explicitly open, right?

> > > No frame selected.
> > > No frame selected.
> > >
> > > I don't know exactly what "kill" in gdb does.
> >
> > It kills the current application.
> In which way does it kill it ?
> In my case it's impossible to kill it using a signal.

For remote targets it's supposed to just detach.

> > > For my scenario (remote debugging an eCos application), the only way to
> > > really restart the application would be:
> > > -send a "reset" command to the JTAG debugger (i.e. not gdb), which is
> > > out of scope for kdevelop
> >
> > You mean, that's not possible programmatically?
> Without a specific plugin for that JTAG debugger, yes.

So, "restart" should be disabled? Or should KDevelop pop a message box saying
"Please restart your JTAG debugger"?

- Volodya

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