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Tim Harper tim at
Fri Apr 14 21:02:11 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 April 2006 09:42, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> On Friday 14 April 2006 05:47, Tim Harper wrote:
> > There are few things I'd like to give a whack at for kdevelop, with the
> > file tree and file selector panes:
> >
> > * Merge the file tree and file selector panes.  Make a singular icon that
> > will switch the views
> > * Right click on empty space gives you the option to create a new file in
> > that folder
> Ah.. my favorite topic. ;)
> Last time it came up:
> I'm not against the idea of merging FileTree (and FileGroups) and
> FileSelector, but you probably need to be aware of the following:
> FileTree (FT) and FileGroups (FG) are implemented in the same plugin,
> though the code is fairly separated. FT in particular has more
> responsibilities than might be immediately obvious. In addition to
> optionally showing VCS information (if there is a VCS plugin loaded) it
> acts as the "project view" for project types with no dedicated project view
> of their own (only automake and qmake have their own views - automake
> manager and qmake manager). This really just means displaying if a file is
> part of the project or not and making it possible to add/remove a file from
> project membership. The entire project membership concept for custom
> makefiles and script projects needs looking at, really...
> FileSelector (FS) is implemented in a plugin on its own and is really a
> code "fork" from a Kate widget. (I say "fork" because the code is
> essentially indentical and we usually manage to track them if a bug is
> fixed.) The one really nice feature it has (apart from a flexible UI) is
> network transparancy via KIO. It would really be a pity to lose this. It
> also seems to be the source of some really hard to figure out crashes.
> I long have had the idea that FT and FG could/should be merged. FG could be
> implemented as "virtual folders" that collects files in a group based on
> some rule or manual adding. I'm not sure of the best way to display this in
> a widget like FS where the root folder isn't constant, however.
> Just some thoughts.
> // jens
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great, thank you all for your help and suggestions, you've offered some 
invaluable insight.

this will be my first project with kdevelop.


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