Matt Rogers mattr at
Thu Apr 13 01:41:07 UTC 2006

On Friday 07 April 2006 03:42, David Nolden wrote:
> Hi everybody! I'm new to this list.. I just downloaded the cvs and fixed a
> few things, and there's probably more to come :)
> I hope I'm right on this list with this mail..
> First thing:
> the pydoc-kioslave didn't work right(I use python 2.4), it didn't show all
> the classes within modules, didn't show all sub-packages, links within
> pydoc: didn't work right, and the module-index did not work. I first tried
> to fix that by hand, and after some work I saw that python ships with a
> version that is a lot better(shows all classes and types, and does it with
> a slightly nicer layout and design)
> To me it seems like is based on an older version of pythons
> I think that the best way to stay up to date is not copying
> and changing it a bit, but instead just writing a wrapper to the
> original, so I did that. It works really fine(a lot better than
> the old one did for me). The only problem might be that it depends on the
> implementation of python's, so it might be possible that it
> doesn't work with all versions of python, maybe a copy of python's
> and should be shipped with it, or a few functions/methods might
> be copied out over again. Should it be used, is not needed
> anymore.
> As attachment I send my changed version of, maybe someone can
> test how it works with older versions of python, I send it as a suggestion
> for cvs, and I hope that it wasn't used for anything else then the
> kioslave, since I removed all functions not neccessary for that.
> greetings, David Nolden

committed to the kdevelop/3.4 branch. backport to the KDE/3.5 branch will come 

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