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Fri Apr 7 10:44:07 UTC 2006

Hi everybody! I'm new to this list.. I just downloaded the cvs and fixed a few 
things, and there's probably more to come :)

I hope I'm right on this list with this mail..

First thing:
the pydoc-kioslave didn't work right(I use python 2.4), it didn't show all the 
classes within modules, didn't show all sub-packages, links within pydoc: 
didn't work right, and the module-index did not work. I first tried to fix 
that by hand, and after some work I saw that python ships with a version that 
is a lot better(shows all classes and types, and does it with a slightly 
nicer layout and design)

To me it seems like is based on an older version of pythons I think that the best way to stay up to date is not copying and changing it a bit, but instead just writing a wrapper to the 
original, so I did that. It works really fine(a lot better than the 
old one did for me). The only problem might be that it depends on the 
implementation of python's, so it might be possible that it doesn't 
work with all versions of python, maybe a copy of python's and should be shipped with it, or a few functions/methods might be 
copied out over again. Should it be used, is not needed 

As attachment I send my changed version of, maybe someone can 
test how it works with older versions of python, I send it as a suggestion 
for cvs, and I hope that it wasn't used for anything else then the kioslave, 
since I removed all functions not neccessary for that.

greetings, David Nolden
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