Defining the KDevelop Platform

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Apr 6 22:33:03 UTC 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 16:09, Matt Rogers wrote:
> Hi,
> IMHO, We need to answer the following questions about the KDevelop platform
> in concrete terms. Right now, we don't really have a clear cut idea of what
> the platform actually is. In order to move forward with the idea of the
> platform, i think we need to give it a bit of formal definition.
> 1. What will the platform encompass? (don't just say the current
> kdevelop lib dir)
> 2. What should the platform be used for?
> 3. What can developers who want to use the platform do with it?
> 4. Why should developers use the platform?
> 5. What advantages would the platform give them?
> The discussion here will feed into a wiki page on the subject which will
> of course be provided once it's created. I think once we can answer these
> questions, we can start moving the platform out of KDevelop itself and into
> its own module.

IMO there are currently only two big IDE projects: Eclipse and KDevelop.
Eclipse is currently used among others very much for embedded stuff, e.g. QNX 
and I think VxWorks too both work on Eclipse.

KDevelop has the big advantage over Eclipse that it runs *much* faster.
Eclipse has (right now) the big advantage that it is cross-platform, i.e. it 
runs on windows too. Hopefully this will be also the case for KDevelop with 

So, KDevelop needs:
-good code navigation ( I still think gcc-xml might be useful)
This needs quite some work but is very important.
-good support for remote debugging (just work to do, no hard problems to 

-easy way to add extensions.
This is already possible with the plugin system.
Possible plugins:
-support for custom debuggers, like lauterbach and others
-support for custom tools:
-configuring the RTOS 
-kernel tracing
-code checkers, MISRA, ...

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