KDevelop4 features (Was: change of maintainership in KDevelop)

Daniel Franke franke.daniel at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 11:23:03 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 10:48, Vladimir Prus wrote:

> I think the most important thing for KDevelop 4 is to come up with new cool
> features. Everything else is secondary, and in fact, the cool new features
> can be implemented in vanilla Qt4 if some framework is not yet ready. And
> cool features is what can potentially attract new developers, given proper
> publicity.

> Personally, I think that KDevelop is pretty bad when it comes to real-world
> use-cases. 


also I'm not a developer, I'm lurking on this list and following the way of 
kdevelop for a couple of years now. I'm just a former kdevelop user who 
resorted to kate/vi and hand crafted Makefiles about a year ago.

I alread spoke up on this once: before carried away to much on all the 
possible and shiny features for kdevelop version X, please, please someone 
should fix the bugs so many people complain about. Instead of "come on, let's 
add more features", kdevelop development could focus on "come on, let's get 
rid of those three editors, four ui modes and whatnot and implement a stable 
and configurable base where we can go on from, one feature at a time" ?!

Just my 2ct.


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