Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Tue Sep 27 11:17:02 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 11:04, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 September 2005 12:58, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> > On Tuesday 27 September 2005 07:20, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > > Ehm... so no feature commits until 3.5 release? That would be bad.
> >
> > Please Vladimir continue committing. I love your spirit. It reminds  me
> > of the good old 3.0 days.
> >
> :-) But then there should be a non-feature frozen branch, right?

If you have big new features that you want to commit, then join Matt and 
commit to the branches/kdevelop/3.4

If it's not big, or if it can wait then let's create it after the KDE 3.5 
release (15 October).

You are the big responsable for the new KDevelop 3.x features on the last 
three months, so you should decide.

Amilcar Lucas
Current webmaster
The KDevelop project

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