Sascha Cunz sascha.cunz at
Mon Sep 26 19:49:04 UTC 2005

Am Montag 26 September 2005 18:39 schrieb Amilcar do Carmo Lucas:
> Hi all,
> I think that the branches/work/kdevelop3 was a bad idea.
> It was opened too soon, and now we have three branches but only two are
> maintained (KDE/3.5 and trunk)
> So my suggestion is to dump the branches/work/kdevelop3 branch and create a
> branches/kdevelop/3.4 branch AFTER the KDE 3.5 release.
> All in favor please say yes :)

Generally, i would disagree on this. :-)

However taking a deeper look at work/kdevelop3, well there actually did not 
change anything since branch:

  - adymo did some fixes for SuSE compilation (As far as I can see, he moved
    some #include's to earlier positions in files.
  - vprus backported stuff from 3.5 branch
  - I changed my mail adress.

So, I'd conclude that there's nothing we could loose by dropping it. Though, 
we then have to face that we have currently no open branch for KDevelop 3 
development. I can live with that. :)

Cheers Sascha

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