Direction of KDevelop4

Adam Treat treat at
Wed Sep 21 21:53:03 UTC 2005

On Wednesday September 21 2005 2:36 pm, Richard Dale wrote:
> Maybe I'm a bit simple, but why can't we call KDevelop4 something like
> KDevelop4? Why do we need 'code words', when all the code is being
> developed in a public svn code repository - it isn't a 'secret project',
> it's KDevelop4. Or am I missing something?

I have three reasons in order of importance I place on them:

1.  Rebranding.  Eventually, I want whatever 'kdevelop4' becomes to be 
released under a completely different name.  No longer 'kdevelop'.  I'd like 
to see a completely different name.  A code name now helps us to begin 
peeling away from that brand.

2.  For fun.  It just tickles my fancy. :)

3.  In the past, we shipped different binary names so that we could install 
the old version and the new version alongside eachother.  Now, this wouldn't 
preclude naming the new binary kdevelop4... but it was decided to go with a 
code name probably for reason #2.  This doesn't really apply since we're not 
going to have to deal with this for awhile.


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