FW: ClearCase integration with QMake project (patch included, help needed)

Patrick Noffke patrickn at adpro.com.au
Wed Sep 14 17:56:20 UTC 2005


Here is a patch from Philippe for ClearCase integration.  This is against the 3.2.2 trunk, so do NOT apply the patch I sent earlier, otherwise this one will fail.  He included most of my changes and some others that use the "cleartool desc" command to check the properties of the project directory.

Please review and patch if acceptable.

Philippe, I think you are not properly registered with the kdevelop-devel list.  Perhaps you didn't use the same email address you're sending from?  It has to match exactly (I know, I did the same thing).


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You will find attached a clearcase part patch against kdevelop.3.2.2 and
certainly above.

This patch contains also the modifications made by Patrick Noffke. This
version supports :
* adding new entries in the clearcase menu
* detects the clearcase environment and activates the menu. It does not
check a hard coded path anymore! 
* adds the clearcase VCS file infos
* enables VCS synchronisation when right clicking on a folder...

Many things can still be improved. I am opened to any suggestions.



Philippe Hétroy, Phil at hetroy.org
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