[Kde-bindings] Common work for Qt4 bindings

Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Tue Sep 13 15:23:35 UTC 2005


I'm happy you want to use the new KDevelop parser to generate the bindings :-) 
The parser is in good shape, but the symbol table needs a lot of work.

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 13:48, Richard Dale wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 September 2005 14:34, Eric Jardim wrote:
> > 2005/9/13, Richard Dale <Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk>:
> > > I would expect so, but I'm not sure if it will have a full
> > > pre-processor.
> >
> > Why not? It would be nice to have introspectable information about
> > signals, slots, properties. Think how this would help KDE development.
> > Think about refactoring, too.
in Qt we define a special macro (Q_MOC_RUN) when moc is running. If Q_MOC_RUN 
is defined then we don't expand the Qt macros (e.g. signals, slots, 
Q_PROPERTY, and so on...). My goal is to make the parser compatible with 

> It will be general purpose and not-KDE specific, but different to a parser
> you would have in a complete C++ compiler. For instance, with code
> completion, it must be faster than gcc and only parse incremental changes
> as you edit the source.
exactly :-)

ciao robe

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