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Adam Treat treat at
Mon Sep 12 22:35:06 UTC 2005

On Monday September 12 2005 2:38 pm, Richard Dale wrote:
> I agree with Jen's pragmatic replies. 

That's nice.

> In the real world, programmers tend 
> to layout code according to their own taste, and there is no one right way
> to write code. 

Nor did I -- in any way -- say otherwise.

> As a professional programmer doing unpaid work on KDevelop, 
> I certainly don't appreciate being told how to write comments and layout
> code. 

Lucky no one was telling you either one.

Look, almost everyone agrees that some comments are useless:

///This is a class declaration for Foobar
class Foobar

and almost everone agrees that, at least within an individual plugin, coding 
style should be consistent.

Now, no matter how many times that the comments I'm talking about are in the 
form of the above ... no matter how many times I have shown specific examples 
of very important files in KDevelop where the coding style changes from 
method to method and line to line ...

You feel attacked.  Sorry.

> I didn't find any of the code the I've maintained in KDevelop 
> particularly hard to follow.

Never said it was.

Anyway, I guess I'll have to go through and compile a list of the comments I'm 
talking about ... stuff like:


Because obviously, that is a really useful comment.  Or how about:


...just in the middle of some source for no particular reason.


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