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Mon Sep 12 21:53:02 UTC 2005


On Wednesday 07 September 2005 00:38, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> Hi,
> This topic comes up with some frequency. While I agree that having all
> active, they are all optional plugins, to be enabled/disabled at the users
> leisure.
> New File - this abomination just has to go. The functionality is better
> accessed through the menu, and the whole plugin just screams out for a
> rewrite (have a look at the code..) KDevelop-4 scope. FileCreate (this),
> Project templates, code snippets, Abbrev... all share concepts but not
> code. All implemented differently.


> File Groups - I always found it awful, but the basic idea is sound -
> grouping of files in an arbitrary and/or rulebased fashion. Needs a
> rewrite. Been in my todo since ages.


> File Tree - this is meant to display the project contents and has
> overlapping responsibilities with the project manager display. In fact, for
> some project types, this IS the "project management" display. I imagine
> with a new (KDev4) look at project management, this could be made
> superfluous.

See File selector.

> File List - this does overlap with the Window menu, that's true. But the
> thing to remove is IMHO the window menu. It has much fewer features and
> scales worse. The need for this list should be obvious when you have more
> than half a dozen documents open - a tabbar becomes very annoying to use (I
> run without the tabbar in fact)

Completely agreed. I never use the menu for this task. The Ctrl+Altr+/ action 
(dialog with a line edit, typing a letter brings a list box showing all open 
iles starting with thsi letter) should be removed and instead be bound to 
open the file list instead (which has the same and more features).

> File Selector - this is a network transperant file browser. Powerful,
> generic but with very little direct integration into KDevelop (it's a very
> shallow port of a Kate widget), but if you want to open a pdf document off
> of a ftp server, this is the tool to use (if you want to do it inside
> KDevelop).

Very useful, I use it very often.
Probably should be merged with the File tree view, since both are very similar 
and easy to confuse.

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