ClearCase integration with QMake project (patch included, help needed)

Patrick Noffke patrickn at
Thu Sep 8 04:57:05 UTC 2005

A simpler (but not ideal) fix is to not check for the /view/<view_name>/vobs/ heirarchy.  The clearcase context menu will then show up for all files as long as the project is configured to use ClearCase as the VCS.  When running checkin/checkout and other ClearCase operations, the command output will be seen in the Messages window.  If the file is not in a valid location, or the view isn't set correctly, the output in the Messages window can be used to indicate this.

I've included this fix in the attached patch.  The changes are fairly straightforward.

Other comments about this patch:

The patch is against the 3.4 branch, but should be easily applied to later versions.  

I've updated the documentation (vcs/clearcase/README.dox) as well as the source.

Snapshot views should work (I haven't tested this yet).

I've also added a couple of menu options:

History - Lists the history of the selected file (runs:  cleartool lshistory).

List Checkouts - Recursively lists checkouts for the directory containing the selected file (runs:  cleartool lsco -recurse).

Philippe, it sounds like you have a better way to show the versions of the files.  If so, feel free to chop and change what I've done to fit with your changes.

Could someone PLEASE suggest a good way to run a process and parse it's output in the VCS modules?  I need this for the purpose of deciding what should be presented on the menu.  For example, it would be nice to gray out the checkin option if the file is not checked out.  Or display the option "Create Element" only if the file is not already added to clearcase.  These options all require running cleartool to determine the state of the file.


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On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 08:36:24AM +0930, Patrick Noffke wrote:
> Thank you, that helps.  Unfortunately, our directory structure doesn't follow the /view/<view_name>/vobs/<project> heirarchy.  I am investigating changing the clearcasepart to use cleartool for determining whether to present the ClearCase context menu.

I am not a kdevelop developer but I worked on integrating clearcase
with kdevelop. Currently I am able to detect a clearcase environment and
even show the version of the files in the project tree browser as CVS ...
I would suggest sending the patch before the end of the week. This gives
me time to clean the code.

There are still other improvements I planned to add but it is not easy to
understand the kdevelop API without any "UML" diagrams, unless I did not
find the ressource on the website.


Philippe Hétroy, Phil at
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