Using r++ as a library?

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Wed Sep 7 11:10:16 UTC 2005

Hi Steven,

I have added an .pri file. you may want to use it.. add to your .pro file 
something like

SOURCES += your files 
HEADERS += your headers

ciao robe

On Saturday 03 September 2005 23:32, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> The way r++ is set up in the current svn is set up here:
> committed-rev="456332"
>    name=""
>    committed-date="2005-09-02T16:32:08.530835Z"
>    url="svn://"
>    last-author="raggi"
>    kind="dir"
> It builds an executable, but produces no lib*.a, nor lib*.so files.  That
> means I have to hack on the existing code to build anything against it.  Is
> there a way to "properly" use this as a library?

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