Patch to add Qt4 support for the language/cpp part

Tobias Erbsland terbsland at
Thu May 26 17:04:10 UTC 2005


I did some bigger changes to the language/cpp part.

2005-05-26 Tobias Erbsland <te at>
 * Added new class QtBuildConfig. This class stores the configuration
   about the used Qt library. Is Qt used, which major version and
   where the Qt library path (QTDIR) for this project is. 
   In a later step, it's possible to use different qt installations
   for each project. E.g. you develop on a KDE4.x programm under KDE3.x.
 * Added a new tab in the C++ options dialog (CCConfigWidget).
   The user can edit the configuration QtBuildConfig in this tab.
 * New class wizard:
   - Qt checkboxes are disabled (hide them?) on non-qt projects.
   - Different code is generated for Qt3.x and Qt4.x projects.
   - Includes of classes that starting with "Q" bypasses the 
     normal template settings. In Qt3.x the include file has always
     a lowercase include name with a ".h" suffix, and Qt4.x has
     a mixed case include name without any suffix.
   - Added the email address to the author's name if it exists.

If there are no objections against this patch, I commit it at friday 27.05. 
evening. The short time period, because I go to hollidays the next two weeks.

Best regards

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