Qt4 c++ parser patch for kdevelop [final]

Tobias Erbsland terbsland at printsoft.ch
Fri May 20 14:22:04 UTC 2005


You find the final version of the Qt4 c++ parser patch attached to this 
message. I already tested the changes with the current version of KDevelop 
without any problems. Please test this patch, and report any errors. I will 
commit the changes at 27. or 28. May if nobody has any doubts.


- Replaced static hash table in lexer by a QMap
  I found no performance impacts by this replacement, but the code
  was getting much smaller and cleaner.

  that are used in Qt4 for the special QFlags template.

- Added the keyword (macro) "foreach" to the lexer and parser that
  is introduced by Qt4.

  In a later step I will add the correct parsing, that the initial
  variable is identified by the parser that code completion works.

best regards

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