KDevelop from SVN trunk :-(

Alexander Dymo adymo at mksat.net
Sun May 15 22:18:03 UTC 2005

On Sunday 15 May 2005 21:58, Andras Mantia wrote:
>  I have bad experience with the recent trunk version of KDevelop. There
> are two main problems:
> - it often crashes on startup. I'm not sure if it's KDevelop fault or
> the SVN plugin causes it. Of course when I want, I cannot reproduce it.
> I will post when I get a crash.
Hmm, interesting. Have to see a backtrace because I never got one.

> - typing became slow. The problem seems to be with the autocompletion.
> There are different modes to work-around this, like disabling the
> kdelibs/qt code completion database or the word completion plugin of
> the Katepart. 
> The thing is that this wasn't the case before (I don't 
> have KDevelop from 3.4 right now, but I haven't noticed before some
> recent updates). The problem is that you see frequent pauses while
> typing which is very annoying. Now I can understand when a Quanta user
> complains about the same symptoms. ;-)Unchecking the automatic code
> completion in c++ settings dialog will work. 
> Do you have any idea what it causes and if it can be solved?
The problem is that now KDevelop automatically checks too much when you 
type. It does that after every letter. Personally I never noticed the feature
because I always use manual ctrl-space completion before I made a clean

> - it is still leaking memory somewhere. After startup I see it uses
> 108/62/48 MB (VIRT/RES/SHR), but it goes up over time with about 50%.
I will try to check.

Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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