KDevelop from SVN trunk :-(

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sun May 15 20:59:04 UTC 2005


 I have bad experience with the recent trunk version of KDevelop. There 
are two main problems:
- it often crashes on startup. I'm not sure if it's KDevelop fault or 
the SVN plugin causes it. Of course when I want, I cannot reproduce it. 
I will post when I get a crash.

- typing became slow. The problem seems to be with the autocompletion. 
There are different modes to work-around this, like disabling the 
kdelibs/qt code completion database or the word completion plugin of 
the Katepart. The thing is that this wasn't the case before (I don't 
have KDevelop from 3.4 right now, but I haven't noticed before some 
recent updates). The problem is that you see frequent pauses while 
typing which is very annoying. Now I can understand when a Quanta user 
complains about the same symptoms. ;-)
Do you have any idea what it causes and if it can be solved?

- it is still leaking memory somewhere. After startup I see it uses 
108/62/48 MB (VIRT/RES/SHR), but it goes up over time with about 50%.

Sorry for the rant. ;-)


Quanta Plus developer - http://quanta.kdewebdev.org
K Desktop Environment - http://www.kde.org
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