my first kdevelop plugin

Jens Herden jens at
Sun May 15 08:36:04 UTC 2005

> > Sounds good at first glance, but I don't think you want me to critique
> > the coding style. ;) 

Actually I really want feedback about coding style, because I want to learn 
about the KDevelop coding style. If there is no guideline about it, fine, but 
I did not see information about coding style for KDevelop. I admit I did not 
search very intense ;-)

> > Anyways, I'd be glad to see it go in, but I'd 
> > actually have to try it first...

Yes, please try.

> It sure will go in, if not know some weeks later. ;-) We have this in
> Quanta, I believe Jens ported from there (I haven't looked at the source
> yet).

Of course the aim is to bring this into KDevelop. If people think it is mature 
already than it can be moved in the KDevelop source now. 
And yes it is a port from Quanta, but to be honest there is not much left from 
the original code.


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