TODO or not TODO?

Jens Herden jens at
Thu May 12 12:09:04 UTC 2005

> > Because a plain TODO will not work in doxygen.
> >
> > I coded that part and my objective was to let the problem reporter report
> > my @TODO and @FIXME items from doxygen commented code.
> >
> > I consider that the bug is on kate. Kate should highlight @TODO, but it
> > doesn't.
> kate highlight's @TODO just fine, but you must write it in a doxygen
> comment, in a normal c comment it won't be highlighted, while FIXME and co
> are just some helper keywords we allow in normal comments to stick out.

Fine this brings some light into the dark :-)

But I am still not happy, so far the situation is:

- problem reporter does report @FIXME and FIXME in both comment types
- problem reporter does only report @TODO but not TODO in both comment types

This difference makes no sense to me.

- Kate highlights TODO and FIXME in both comment types
- Kate highlights @TODO only inside of Doxygen comments (different from TODO)
- Kate does not highlight @FIXME inside of Doxygen comments 

Looks like room for improvement? @FIXME should get highlighted as well.

And finally the help text does not reflect the current behaviour. 


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