current state of using cmake to compile kdevelop

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Sun May 8 22:41:07 UTC 2005

On Sunday 08 May 2005 19:48, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> since some weeks I'm trying to compile kdevelop using cmake (since I only
> find once or twice per weeks a few hours to work on it it takes some
> time...).
Hi Alexander!
And thanks for your effort :) It's IMHO very important to evaluate cmake as
a buildsystem for KDE projects.

> 3) libtool convenience libraries
> cmake doesn't really support "convenience" static libraries, i.e. libs
> which are included completely when linked to an application or a shared
> library. I implemented a small workaround so that it is possible to build
> static libs which behave the same way. This would have to be extended for
> platforms other than linux.
> Or maybe even better just get rid of the convinience libs and simply
> compile the sources from the subdirectories directly into the shared libs.
> Would there be a problem with this ?
I don't know why do we use libtool at the first place. And convenience static
libs sound not really important for me. Can we use usual static libs without
libtool? Can we load plugins with dlopen instead of ltdlopen?

> 5) I have not yet written any configure checks. What should be checked ? In
> which directories ?
Basically we still need all checks from our but let's
concentrate first on libtool problem. Maybe somebody knows why it is used.

Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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