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Adam Treat manyoso at
Thu Mar 10 20:18:03 UTC 2005

On Thursday 10 March 2005 2:11 pm, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> This means we want control over columns in the completion view.

Yah, what you said ;)

> <skip>
> A brief look at Qt4 classes shows that we can implement the features we
> want more easily without having complicated completion interface.
> Qt4 uses model-view architecture therefore we can feed the text editor
> with a model (subclass of QAbstractListModel). This way we will get control
> over columns in completion view and would be able to display icons.
> And also we can pass a delegate to paint completion items (subclass of
> QAbstractItemDelegate). Our delegate will of course know how to paint our
> model. This way we can implement colored syntax highlighting.
> That approach will require only one method:
> KTextEditor::CodeCompletionInterface::showCompletion(QAbstractItemModel
> *completionModel, QAbstractItemDelegate *completionDelegate);

Wow, cool.  Two things though:

1.  We'll need a hideCompletion too and it would be nice to have a method to 
determine if it is currently visible.

2.  This only works for Qt4/KDE4 ... KDevelop4.  I was hoping to have this for 
our next 3.x release.


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