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Daniel Franke daniel.franke at
Thu Mar 10 17:30:10 UTC 2005

Hi Adam, hi all =)

May I dare to speak up against additional eye candy?

* Color syntax highlighting in KDevelop?s code completion?
In my eyes, kdevelop is way to colorful as it is. Have a look at the
simple-kde project after a clean installation of kdevelop. Not less than 8
(in words: eight) different colors in the source of the header file alone.
In Addition, all those nice little icons all over the place - it's almost
horrible colorful. So, please, no more additional colors.

> * Icons in the entry list corresponding to the entry type ... ctor, dtor,
> method, member, etc, etc?
Icons, as I see it, are usefull if they have "a message". An icon which
indicates that a method is actually is a ctor doesn't have a message -
ctors are those methods which are named by the class. dtors are those
which have that sqiggle little thingy in front ... and so on. Adding icons
might increase the "sweetness factor" of kdevelop, but doesn't increase
its usability, at least not notably.

> * Some sorting by entry type so all ctor's come first, dtor's next,
> etc, etc?
That would be nice to have; maybe an optional sorting "sort in order of

Just my 2ct ...


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