Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Tue Mar 1 18:47:05 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 22 February 2005 05:38 pm, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> Hi!
> I've created a branch for KDevelop 3.3 development. Features, fixes, etc.
> are welcome ;)

Discussion about the creation of this branch should have ensued before it was 
created, because now I see problems with it:

1. People will not know to checkout kdevelop_3_3_branch, HEAD stagnates, 
people think we've stopped development
2. There is no timeline for qt 4 / kde 4 / kdevelop4 to begin
3. When it comes time to release, you'll have out of date translations.

I think the kdevelop_3_3_branch should be merged back to HEAD and if anything 
we use a branch for kdevelop 4 development.

> Jens asked once about 3.3 release goals, so I'll name some.
> Release goals:
> 1) finish annotation support (Mathieu)
> 2) implement new qmake manager using new qmake parser and
> projectmanager plugin (me)
> 3) fix replace part to work with files outside of project tree (Jens?)
> Any additions?
> Now I'd like to propose our development schedule.
> KDevelop 3.3:
> Development is done in kdevelop_3_3_branch.
> Release date - approx 4-6 months after 3.2 or just after we
> finish to implement those 3 features mentioned above
> KDevelop 4:
> Development is done in HEAD branch.
> Release date - among with KDE4.


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