Dumping the source DOM?

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Thu Jun 30 11:43:05 UTC 2005

Steven T. Hatton wrote:

>> You probably should use a tool such as gccxml. At least it's based on gcc
>> so might be more capable of parsing complex C++ code.
>> On a related note, I'd really like it if KDevelop integrate with gcc's
>> parser, and don't crash when importing C++ Boost ;-)
>> - Volodya
> Thanks!  That is certainly an impressive, if a bit incomplete, tool. If
> nothing else, it reminded of how truly crude the concept of a translation
> unit really is. :-)  I just happened to have #include <sstream> in the
> first
> file I ran it on.  Yuck!  In order for it to be useful for my purposes, I
> will have to figure out how to get it to restrict its output to the
> immediate
> source.  I believe you are thinking of the absolute other end of the same
> problem domain as I am.  If I understand, you are interested in the PCS
> for
> Boost.  No?

If "PCS" is "completion support" then yes. 

Another thing I'm interested in is C++ refactoring, and the requires
information about variables and function *bodies* in general, that gccxml
does not provide. 

It's somewhat depressing that there's no open-source C++ parser with a nice
interface that understand of all the language. 

> I'm interested in the new method dialog and, etc.

Why does this require information about existing methods? 

- Volodya

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