[PATCH] Improved variables view

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Tue Jun 14 18:26:40 UTC 2005


Attached is the patch that implements most of my suggestions for the variables 

Now on variables in the current frame are shown. It's possible to either
evaluate an expression, or add a watch. The list of recently evaluated 
expressions is shown in the variables view, and it's possible to change a 
name of such expression to something more memorable.

Additionally, I've somewhat refactored interaction between gdbcontroller and 
variablewidget. Previously, gdbcontroller called a large number of vartree 
functions, now most interaction is done with signals, which I find a bit 

What I did not yet do is changing variables right in var widget, but my patch 
has grown long enough already ;-)

A couple of snapshots are

The patch is at 
(if I attach it, I run of of mainling list posting size limit)

Log message is at the end of the message.

Comments are very welcome!

- Volodya

Log message:
1. Do not immediately switch frames and hide framestack widget, when
opening an item corresponding to a frame. Switch frame only when frame
item is explicitly selected.

for rationale.

2. Show only variables for the current frame in variables view

3. Allow to either evaluate an expression, and add it to the list of watched

4. Refactor communication between gdbcontroller and variableswidget to reduce
   the number of direct calls from gdbcontroller to methods of

* gdbcontroller.h 
  (GDBController::slotProduceBacktrace): New slot. Gets backtrace for
  a thread via "thread apply XXX backtrace" and so doesn't change current
  (GDBController::slotProduceVariablesInfo): New slot. Gets info about
  parameters and local variables of a function. 
  (GDBController::parametersReady, GDBController::localsReady): New signals,
  emitted whenever gdb parses the corresponding reply from gdb. 
  (GDBController::currentFrame): New signal, emitted after current frame might
   have changed.  
  (GDBController::actOnProgramPause): Do not issue "info locals". Emit   
  (GDBController::programNoApp): Don't invoke variablewidget method. Rely
   instead on proper handling of the dbgStatus.
  (GDBController::parseBacktraceList): Don't trim frames in variables view.
   This will be done anyway on first currentFrame signal after program pause.
  (GDBController::parseLocals): Just emit parametersReady and localsReady.
* variablewidget.h
  (VariableWidget::slotEvaluateExpression): New slot.
  (VariableTree::setLocalViewState, setCurrentThread): Remove.
  (VariableTree::produceVariablesInfo): New signal.
  (VariableWidget::VariableWidget): Create new "Eval" button.
  (VariableTree::slotDbgStatus): New slot. Trim everything when the
   program no longer exists, and set a flag immediately after restart.
  (VariableTree::slotCurrentFrame): New slot. Hide VarFrameRoot corresponding
  to the previous frame, show the one corresponding to the selected one,
  and populate it with variables if needed.

* framestackwidget.h
  (FramestackWidget::produceBacktrace): New signal.
  (FramestackWidget::getBacktrace): New method.
  (ThreadStackItem::setOpen): Only fetch backtrace when there are no
  children. Otherwise, when viewedThread_->setOpen(true) is called
  after parsing backtrace we immediately emit another signal.
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