[PATCH] Improved variables view

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Tue Jun 14 07:31:04 UTC 2005

Hi Alexander,

> I don't know why but here kmail shows my only an empty mail, but on
> lists.kde.org I can see the content of your email.

Same thing here, I though it's quirk of just mine KMail, but apparently it's 
general KMail problem.

> I'd say go ahead and commit, nice that you're working so actively on the
> debugger support :-)

Thanks. However I can't just go ahead and commit, given that I'm not 
committer. Guess I'll have to wait to somebody else to commit the patch.

> There is a typo "Reevalaute"
>                      ^^^^^^

Fixed, thanks for spotting.

- Volodya

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