Variables window width

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Jun 8 12:46:04 UTC 2005

I see the following code in variablewidget.cpp:

   void VariableWidget::setEnabled(bool bEnabled)
       if (bEnabled && parentWidget()) {
           varTree_->setColumnWidth(0, parentWidget()->width()/2);

I'm not sure what's 'parentWidget' -- probably kdeveloper's main window, but 
anyway, it's 640 pixels wide for me. However, when I click on "Variables" 
tab, the entire space allocated to variables widget is something like 190 
pixels (according to kruler). As 320 > 190, the 'Value' column is not even 
visible, which has caused me a great confusion when I first tried kdevelop.

Can somebody tell
1. What the code above tries to do?
2. How that initial width of window is determined?
3. And, finally, is the behaviour I see problem with the code, or 
misconfiguration of some kind?

When I switch to using automatic column width mode for the List View, at least 
I see the vars values. OTOH, the distance between names and values is too low 
(see attached). Maybe there's some better approach?

- Volodya

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