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Tue Jun 7 19:49:07 UTC 2005


On Tuesday 07 June 2005 10:23, jbb wrote:
> On Tue, 07 Jun 2005 04:04, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > Hi Vladimir,
> [snip]
> > Since it doesn't support the machine interface, it isn't of much use for
> > me without some hacks. If debugging over the serial line gdb output and
> > applicatio output come intermixed and kdevelop considered the application
> > output as gdb termination message :-/
> Hmm, that shouldn't happen.
> You see, I change the gdb prompt on issuing a command and change it back
> again when the command is finished. This "brackets" the output from the
> commands I send to gdb. All output from the program should be outside these
> areas. Although where is goes, well, that's interesting. Can't recall ...

It arrives in GDBController::parseLine(), I had a problem with the match for 
"Cann", since this appeared also in my debug outpout:

if (strncmp(buf, "Cann", 4) == 0)

And then kdevelop considered my debugging session paused :-/

> However, Alex, you're the first person to come up with a _real_ reason to
> use MI (even if I'm not sure its entirely valid :-). Vladimir, if you're
> interested, check the mail archives. Roberto Raggi wrote a minimal parser
> for MI (again several years ago :-). IIRC he posted it to the mailing list.

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