Improving variables view

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Tue Jun 7 11:40:10 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 12:41, jbb wrote:

> > - I use both "print" and "display"; sometime I just want to look at a
> > value of expression and don't need it after that.
> >
> > I realize that in GUI we have more space, so displaying several
> > expressions is not that bad. But what if I don't want to update the value
> > of expression? Say, I print the value of 'p' at the beginning of function
> > and don't want the value to be recalculated as I step though the
> > function? So, I suggest having two buttons in variables view "Evaluate"
> > and "Watch".
> >
> > 3. Related to above, as I debug I sometime write down interesting values
> > on the paper. Say "m->rules" was 0x12345678 at this point of program.
> > Maybe, with GUI we can avoid using paper. Say, I enter "m->rules" and
> > click "print value" button. The value is shown in var view under "recent
> > expressions" title. I can click on expression and rename it to "m->rules
> > (function entry)", or whatever makes sense to me. In this case, it's
> > reasonable to not reevaluate the value.
> Sounds like this could be called a "scratchpad". It that is so, how about
> doing something like adding a "play" icon at the start of each expression
> (or variable) in the scratchpad, which you need to press to re-evaluate.

Might be reasonable. IIR, QListViewItem allows to set an icon, need to 
check if that icon can be pressed independently from the item itself.

> Would you even re-evaluate all at the same time?

Dunno. Might be usefull in some cases, but not in others.

> > 4. Making values of variables editable would be nice.
> As per your .png, do you intend to allow editing the variables directly in
> the watch window simply by clicking on the value? The breakpoint widget
> allows this but I don't know if those ideas could be reused. Just a
> thought.

Yes, I planned that they will be editable by clicking. 

- Volodya

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