VERY BAD! KDevelop reconfigured on make install.

Steven T. Hatton hattons at
Mon Jun 6 12:36:06 UTC 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 04:50, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> I'm putting things back in oder, so I don't know if this is a one-time
> thing, or there is something broken, but when I ran make install after
> make, the configure script kicked in again.  I make as a regular user, and
> make install as root.  There are two fundamental problems with that.  First
> of all, it means all the files generated are given root ownership.  The
> next time I run the build process, it will fail until I change the
> ownership back to me.  The second, and far more significant reason is
> because it is a security risk.

It was a glitch.  I believe I changed the configuration unintentionally while 
the build process was running.  I've been doing this for years, and have 
never seen that happen before.

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