C++ parser

Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Thu Jun 2 17:55:07 UTC 2005

Hi Steven,

On Wednesday 01 June 2005 21:19, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> I look at suff like Robe's code just to remind me there are people who are
> better programmers than I will ever be.  I hope to find time to really
trust me, I'm not that good :( anyway thanks!!

> study what he's done.  From what little I do understand, his parser should
> be pretty darn fast.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some problem running
the parser is a lot faster than the old one. In some cases it is 10 times 
faster :)

> it on my system.  Whenever I try ./r++ -dump main.cpp I get the following:
please, can you post the line of stl_alloc.h that cause the problem? I know 
the parser has problems to parse expressions! I hope to solve these problems 
with the new multi-pass mode.

> I get the same if I don't use -dump.  I'm assuming if I use -dump, it
> should dump a bunch of stuff to standard out. I get different values for
> the time statistics when I run it on different files, but I always get the
> unexpected symbol message.  It also doesn't seem to understand my
> CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH, nor -I.  But as Robe said, it just a stupid wrapper
> script.

maybe you want to replace ``/usr/bin/cpp'' in ``r++''! for instance on my 
system I have cpp and cpp-3.3.

ciao robe

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