texthint interface (kde4)

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Thu Jul 28 03:22:14 UTC 2005


On Wednesday 27 July 2005 19:55, Joseph Wenninger wrote:
> Hi!
> There is the old texthint interface, which I never implemented for kate
> though and, since it was very limited from the the begining on (I know,
> I've created the interface, but I'm not proud of it)
> What do users of such an interface really need ? eg for displaying values
> of variables in kdevelop. Which functions, slots or signals would a user
> really need ?
> I would appreciate if this mail starts a brainstorming thread on
> ktexteditor-devel

In an ideal world, I would get a signal with the row and column of the 
pointer. Then, I could do my processing and send another signal with the 
results. If the mouse pointer hasn't moved in between, the hint would be 

This way we could do more complex things like asking the debugger 
asynchronously for symbol values and display them when the debugger responds. 
If I'd do it synchronously, the ui would freeze until I could retrieve the 


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