Simplified IDEAL raiseView

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Tue Jul 19 13:57:03 UTC 2005

Vladimir Prus wrote:

> SVN commit 436239 by vprus:
> Automatically show variables window when application stops,
> and hide when application terminates.
> * languages/cpp/debugger/debuggerpart.cpp
>   (DebuggerPart::slotDbgStatus): Add show/hide logic.
> * src/newmainwindow.cpp
>   (NewMainWindow::lowerView): Implement. The previous implementation
>   did nothing.

I'd like to note that this logic does not work in Simplified IDEAL interface
mode. The code in debuggerpart.cpp just does raiseView, any ideas why it
does not work?

> +        if (justRestarted_)
> +        {
> +            justRestarted_ = false;
> +            mainWindow()->raiseView(variableWidget);
> +        }

Here's the code that raises the variables window.

What's even more strange -- there's some code to raise (again via
raiseView), the gdb output window. In KMDI, the variables view is raised,
but the gdb output window is not. With simple IDEAL mode I get quite the

- Volodya

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