[PATCH] Automatically show variables view

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Mon Jul 18 12:36:04 UTC 2005

Jens Herden wrote:

>> > Log message:
>> > Automatically show variables window when application stops,
>> > and hide when application terminates.
>> Any comments? Is it OK to commit?
> I do not like automatic functions like this at all. 

I generally don't, either. But in this case it might be good, because
debugging without variables is next to impossible. Note also

1. The variable window is shown when debugger first stops. That is, if you
run a program under debugger without any breakpoints, and the program does
not crash, the variable window won't be shown.

2. Many other debuggers seem to show this by default.

> But this is just my 
> personal opinion. What do others think?
> If you make it an option in the configuration with default to not raise
> the window I agree.

Ok, let's wait for other's opinions. Since I find this behaviour more useful
then the current one, I'd naturally prefer for it to be default ;-)

- Volodya

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