New parser branch (Was: Dumping the source DOM?)

Antoine Chavasse a.chavasse at
Fri Jul 15 15:14:04 UTC 2005

On 7/15/05, JeDi <jeroen.dierckx at> wrote:

> And about code refactoring: it would be a _very_ cool feature, but it
> can only be used if it would _always_ be correct. If you rename a
> method for example, it's of no use if you'll have to check all the
> modified source files afterwards. Some sort of log, where you can see
> what has been changed by the refactoring, is certainly needed I guess.

When refactoring, eclipse displays a window where you can check what
will be changed. You can select files/classes that are going to be
modified in a tree, and the changes are displayed using the difference

By the way, for a java app, eclipse is pretty fast when it comes to
code completion and on-the-fly parsing, and has implemented a lot of
useful refactoring operations, so it might be a worthwhile source of
inspiration, especialy as it's open-source, unlike visual assist -
even tough it's java and not C++.

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