Indentation problems

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Thu Jul 7 11:41:09 UTC 2005

coming from Emacs, I have a couple of problems with intentation. In emacs I
most often just use "Tab", that indents the current line relatively to the
previous. So, if I've just typed opening brace of a function and newline,
typing Tab will place cursor 4 spaces past the position of brace.

I can't find anything like that in Konqueror. Pressing tab inserts tab
character and there's no option to change that...

Another question is the "reformat source" command. If I apply to region like

   namespace boost { namespace grammar {
       class Grammar {};

Then I get:

   namespace boost { namespace grammar {
   class Grammar {};

While I want the indentation of "class" to be retained. How do I do that?

Generally, Emacs has a advanced system of indentation, where each line has
"syntantic context", and one can specify relative intent for each syntactic
context. Is there anything equal in KDevelop?

- Volodya

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