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Sun Jan 23 20:46:05 UTC 2005

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Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine
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KDevelop Platform:
    - The first release of "KDevelop Platform" - an architecture to build IDE-like applications
    using common plugins and shell.
    - KDevelop IDE and KDevelop Assistant are now two applications built on top of KDevelop Platform.
    - Refactored architecture - reworked interfaces and introduced plugin profiles.
    - More information about the platform and profiles is available at

Overall improvements:
    - Reduced startup time.
    - Property editor library improvements.
    - Various build and crash fixes for AMD64.
    - XDG menus are created.
    - Source tree is restructured and all unused parts were removed.
    - VCS support is functional again. Application wizard can also integrate the newly created project
    into the VCS using VCS integrators.
    - Kyzis editor (CVS version, now works with KDevelop.
    - Source navigation history is working now.

KDevelop Shell:
    - Shell is modified to use plugin profiles.
    - Notification on external changes in files is performed.
    - Main window is showed only after initialization.

API Documentation:
    - KDevelop program API is now at
    - KDevelop platform API is now at

Ruby language support:
    - Ruby debugger is implemented.
    - Improved ruby parser - more information available in class view.
    - Added Qt and KDE application templates.
Perl language support:
    - Small fixes.
Cpp language support:
    - Debugger breakpoints window made easier to use.
    - Enable/disable features operate correctly now.
    - Fixed problem that disabled breakpoints do not get disabled if
    starting debugger the first time since loading the project.
    - Context menu becomes cleaner.
    - Switch header/implementation can now optionally try to match the current function declaration/definition.
    - Code completion database can be removed in the configuration dialog.

PHP language support:
    - Code completion improvements.
Scripting part:
    - New scripting plugin is added. 
    - KScript based scripting is supported using KScriptInterface.
    - KJSEmbed, Shell and Kommander can be used to run a script.
Output view:
    - Optimizations (approx. 8%).
    - Jump to the error location now works for all cases.
Find In Files:
    - Old search results can be stored besides the current search.

    - Finished the new frontend to ctags.
Code snippets plugin:
    - Snippets can be divided into groups.
Application templates:
    - Installation, instantiation and compilation is fixed for following application templates: 
      wxhello, kxt, kscreensaver, kdevpart, kdevpart2, kofficepart, kateplugin.
    - KDevelop plugin and language support templates were updated to match changes in the architecture.
    - All occurences of wrong variable substitution in templates are fixed.
    - CMake application templates added.
Difference viewer:
    - Kate part is excluded from a list of difference viewers.
    - KDiff3 is now supported.
Doxygen support:
    - Updated for the version 1.4.1.
Source formatter:
    - Preview for custom style is implemented.
Generic projectmanager:
    - Another generic project manager was started. It's based on the new architecture where project management GUI is abstracted
      from a specific buildsystem. Buildsystems are handled using plugins ("project importers, builders and editors").
    - Workspace support is available.
    - Project builders: make builder.
    - Project importers: automake, custom makefiles.

QMake project manager:
    - UI is simplifyed.
    - Custom qmake variables are supported.
    - Support for libtool archives, pkgconf files, console apps and windows dlls is added.
Automake project manager:
    - Support for arbitrary make targets and commands in subproject context menu is implemented.
Custom makefiles project manager:
    - Various fixes.

Subversion support:
    - Subversion support is finally functional.    
VCS manager plugin:
    - New VCS manager plugin is created to allow switching between VCS for existing projects.
Valgrind support:
    - Valgrind 2.1 and upper are suported now (proper command line options are used).

GUI Designer Integration:
    - KDevelop is compatible with Kexi Formeditor now.

KDevelop Designer:
    - Performance improvements and UI fixes.    
    - Editing source functionality is now available in integrated state.
    - Documentation settings dialog is visually improved.
KDevelop Assistant and documentation plugin:
    - Fonts and zoom factors are configurable.
    - CHM files are displayed with the index frame.

Old, unused and broken plugins:
    - closer, copyto, nedit, buglist, doctreeview, knotes, manager, scripting, sourcenav,
    cvsclient, cervisia, classbrowser, old generic project manager and ctags plugins were removed.

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