[PATCH] Double click in the "Class Inheritance Diagram"

Simon MARTIN simartin at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 18 22:04:06 UTC 2005


On Sunday 16 January 2005 17:27, Richard Dale wrote:
> On Sunday 16 January 2005 15:55, Simon MARTIN wrote:
> I would prefer single click to take you to the source. But rather than
> double click for basic information, instead right click and one of the
> options be a 'class inspector' showing the basic information. There might
> be other options on the right click menu. If you just have single click vs.
> double click that limits it to only ever linking two different views of the
> class.
Good point. I'll open the source on a single click then. I there are no 
objections until then, I will commit tomorrow evening.

Best regards,

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