[PATCH] Double click in the "Class Inheritance Diagram"

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at swipnet.se
Sun Jan 16 14:11:10 UTC 2005

On Sunday 16 January 2005 13.57, Simon MARTIN wrote:
> Hi all.
> I attach a patch that activates the double click on classes in the "Class
> Inheritance Diagram".
> With it, when you double click on a class, the file where it is declared is
> opened (at the beginning of the declaration), and the dialog is closed. I
> figured that closing the dialog is the right thing to do, but I guess this
> will depend on how people will use this feature. Any thought about this
> point is welcome.
> Do you think that this feature is useful?

I always felt the class diagram was fairly useless. This patch makes it a 
little more useful. :)

Seeing how this significantly improves the usability of an existing feature, 
adding very little new code and barely touching any existing, I say we commit 

Thanks for the patch! :)


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