KDevelop/KSpy integration

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 10 16:09:05 UTC 2005

I've been playing with the KSpy object inspector today (in kdesdk/kspy), and 
I've added a few things from the ruby debugger inspector code from qtruby. It 
allows you to inspect the properties, signals/slots and the QObject heirarchy 
for a running C++ app.

To add it to your program, you just include the 'kspy.h' header, and make a 
call to 'KSpy::invoke()'. Has anyone thought of adding some sort of KSpy 
integration to KDevelop. Perhaps there could be a debugger command which 
called 'KSpy::invoke()' at runtime - is that possible in gdb?

-- Richard

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