Problem by create of shared library

Alexander Kern alex.kern at
Sun Jan 9 18:40:31 UTC 2005

Hello everybody,

I discovered a problem with kdevelop 3.1.2 on SuSE 9.2, My distribution 
includes newest libtool package, but kdevelop copyes an old version of for projects.

Solution if my case was add

--- parts/appwizard/common/incadmin/ 2004-02-13 16:18:01.000000000 
 +++ /home/kernalex/devel/bintest/ 2004-12-17 15:54:51.463692528 
 @@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ 
 mv="mv -f" 
 rm="rm -f" 
 # Sed substitution that helps us do robust quoting. It backslashifies 
 # metacharacters that are still active within double-quoted strings. 

But it is general problem, that copy of run out of sync with 
libtool. I found that libtool has at least since 2002 a scipt calling 
"libtoolize" for this purpose. It creates automatically, 
config.guess and config.sub.

Even more, as written in, "automake will 
call libtoolize to generate some extra files if the macro `AC_PROG_LIBTOOL' 
is used in `'. If it is not present then automake will install 
`config.guess' and `config.sub' by itself. 

libtoolize can also be run manually if desired; automake will only run 
libtoolize automatically if `' and `ltconfig' are missing."

So, we must delete all, ltconfig from applications templates and add 
AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to if we have a libtool target in application 


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