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Thu Jan 6 03:55:37 UTC 2005


 Thank you for answering the letter . :)
But how  should I set the project compiling options to enable the exception handling?  
Could you say it again in detail?

Tnaks again!

-Qin An 	

======= 2004-12-28 06:21:55 =======

>>  /usr/local/include/ginac/container.h:708: exception handling disabled, use
>>  -fexceptions to enable
>I believe that points to the source of your problem.
>Kdevelop, probably via autotools, is disabling exception handling. Simply 
>enable it, rebuilt the project and you should be fine.
>Look in project settings.
>That's what I make of it at least.
>Kdevelop is not invoking the compiler directly. It invokes make. Simply type 
>make from the command line and you will see what happens. It's make that 
>actually invokes the compiler, as per the makefile. And the makefile is 
>generated by automake/autoconf working in unison.
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